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Hotels for Sale in Dubai

Frank Vito has extensive experience in the hotel industry. He can guide you through the purchasing process of a hotel in Dubai, from conducting due diligence and negotiating the terms of the sale to managing the property after the acquisition.

He is always committed to helping you achieve your investment goals and ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. 

The portfolio includes a variety of hotels for sale in Dubai that cater to different investment preferences.

Unique hotel apartments for sale

Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity in the UAE? Consider hotel apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Business Bay, Villa Barsha, and Sheikh Zayed Road.

The plot sizes vary, with different numbers of floors and opening dates starting from 2021.


Business Bay
Hotels available for sale

Business Bay 5-star

  • Room/Key Numbers: 277

  • Star Rating: 5-star

  • Established Year: 2021

  • Return on investment (ROI): 6.5 %

  • Outlets: 5 restaurants & bar

  • Price: 630 Million AED (172 Million USD)

Business Bay 4-star

  • Room/Key Numbers: 203

  • Star Rating: 4-star

  • Return on investment (ROI): 6 %

  • Outlets: 2 (bar, dining)

  • Square Feet: 225,000 sq. ft

  • Price: 350 Million AED ( 95.3 Million USD)


Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai 4-Star Hotel

  • Room/Key Numbers: 100

  • Star Rating: 4-star

  • Recently Renovated: Yes

  • Revenue: 18 Million/year

  • Net Profit: 9.6 Million/year

  • Outlets: 9 (Nightclub 2, Bars 2, Restaurants 2,

  • Spa, Meeting room, rooftop bar)

  • Square Feet: BUA: 122512.33 sq. ft

  • Plot area: 22393 sq. ft

  • Price: 140 million AED ( 38 Million USD)

EA - DUBAI - Palm Island - 111748157.jpeg

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah 5-Star Holistic Well-Being Resort

  • Room/Key Numbers: 255

  • Star Rating: 5-star

  • Established Year: 2017

  • Return on Investment (ROI): 5 %

  • Outlets: Restaurants, bar

  • Price: 650 million AED (172 Million USD)

Palm Jumeirah 5-Star Beachfront Hotel

  • Room/Key Numbers: 203

  • Star Rating: 5-star

  • Return on investment (ROI): 5 %

  • Outlets: 4 (restaurant & bar)

  • Price: 600 million AED (163 Million USD)


Jumeirah Lake Tower

5-Star Hotel in Jumeirah Lake Tower

  • Room/Key Numbers: 208

  • Star Rating: 5-star

  • Current ROI: 6%

  • Potential net ROI: 7.5-12%

  • Outlets: Restaurant, bar, coffee shop, pub

  • Square Feet: Plot area: 22,000 sq. ft

  • BUA: 212,720 sq. ft

Option 1:

Price: 355 million AED (96.6 Million USD) (Including award-winning pub with 8% net ROI) (VAT 5%, DLD 4%, facilitation fees 4% included)

Option 2:

Price: 320 million AED (87 Million USD) (Without pub, with 5.5% ROI)

marina dubai.jpeg

Dubai Marina

Luxury Holiday Home at Dubai Marina

  • Room/Key Numbers: 208

  • Star Rating: 5-star

  • Room/Key Numbers: 272

  • Star Rating: 5-star

  • Established Year: 2021

  • Return on Investment (ROI): 6%

  • Retail: 10

  • Square Feet: Plot Area: 67,869.35 sq. ft) BUA: 343,278.75 sq. ft)

  • Price: 365 million AED (99 Million USD)


Al Jaddaf

3-Star Hotel in Al Jaddaf

  • Room/Key Numbers: 120

  • Star Rating: 4-star

  • Outlets: 4 (restaurant 2, coffee shop, snack cafe)

  • Square Feet: Plot Area: 24,022 sq. ft

  • BUA: 87297 sq. ft

  • Price: 120 Million AED (32 Million USD)

4-Star Hotel in Al Jaddaf

  • Room/Key Numbers: 118

  • Star Rating: 4-star

  • Outlets: 6

  • Square Feet: Plot Area: 60,346.03 sq. ft

  • BUA: 100,855 sq. ft

  • Price: 120 Million AED (32 Million USD)

al barsha.jpeg


5-Star Hotel for Sale in Al-Barsha

  • Room/Key Numbers: 315

  • Star Rating: 5-star

  • Outlets: Restaurant, bar, pub

  • Net yield: 8%’

  • Price: 350 Million AED ( 95.3 Million USD)

Hotel Investment

The asking prices offer high ROI potential for the buyers. Whether you are looking to buy a hotel room, suite, or even a whole hotel resort, you will be satisfied. Now you can invest in a luxurious hotel accommodation in Dubai's most sought-after locations.

A wide range of options are available to buy, ranging from highly profitable deals on 4-star hotels to extravagant 5-star establishments and resorts. These properties offer huge investment potential with a captivating combination of modern amenities, stunning design, and top-notch service.

For individuals seeking to establish themselves in Dubai's flourishing hospitality industry, these hotels present unparalleled opportunities for great investor deals.

Whether you are an experienced hotelier looking to expand your business portfolio or a first-time investor seeking a reliable source of income, Dubai's Hotels for Sale are the perfect choice. With the city's reputation as a top tourist destination and business hub, investing in the hospitality sector is a smart move that promises high returns.

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